At Vittone's Music Center we enjoy providing everything you need for your music. With more than 40 years of experience in the music industry, our music store is the largest in the area, offering a nice, family-friendly atmosphere complete with all of the materials you need to become a successful musician.

We offer lessons on a wide variety of instruments including:

      ~Guitar and Bass Guitar
      ~Drums and Percussion

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Vittone's Music Center lessons
Piano Tuning
Have your piano tuned by our in-house technician and ensure that your instrument continues to play beautiful and smooth melodies. Whenever you have any questions about a piano, our knowledgeable associates are always here to help.

Instrument Repair
Look no further than Vittone's Music Center for expert repair services when your instruments are in need of fixing. Our skilled repairmen offer simple and minor adjustments on any piece of equipment you own, including set-ups, tuning, and installations of organs.

Organ Installation & Service
We sell, install, and service digital church organs, which are a combination of digital and pipe organs, at our music store. Additionally, we set up new pipe work, replace consoles, and digitalize organ voices.

For other repairs, our knowledgeable staff is eager to visit your church to evaluate the problem and determine the best solution to fix your organ.